Focused Chakra Bracelet


This handcrafted, gender-neutral bracelet is made with semi-precious gemstones. Each dainty bracelet is made with 6mm onyx beads and accented with one type of chakra inspired stone.

Wear one to intentionally focus on one source of energy. Or, stack two or more to attract different energies and balance you.

Wearing a chakra bracelet is a great way to balance the energy in and around you. In doing so you tend to feel at ease, harmonized, and centered. When you wear a Chakra bracelet, it helps remind you to set your intention on staying true to your full, authentic self.

You can choose an accent stone for each bracelet. There will be 7 gems. Seven has spiritual meaning and has a high level of vibration, which helps the body accept the energy you are cultivating from the stones.

Red ► Root Chakra ► Red Jasper
Orange ► Sacral Chakra ► Red Aventurine
Yellow ► Solar Plexus Chakra ► Amber
Green ► Heart Chakra ► Green Aventurine
Blue ► Throat Chakra ► Turquoise
Indigo ► Third Eye Chakra ► Lapis Lazuli
Violet ► Crown Chakra ► Amethyst

Length: Custom
Color: Multi
Closing: Elastic String
Gemstone: Red Jasper, Red Aventurine, Amber, Green Aventurine, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst

Chakra Color/Stone

Red – Red Jasper, Orange – Red Aventurine, Yellow – Amber, Green – Green Aventurine, Blue – Turquoise, Indigo – Lapis Lazuli, Violet – Amethyst


X-Small (6.5 in), Small (7 in), Medium (7.5 in), Large (7.5 in), X-Large (8 in)


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